I thought it may be an idea to have a list of 'stop off' points, for those that travel. Its not always easy to find places to give your dog a break, and as we go around the country we keep finding places but not letting anyone else know.... so here is the start point.

At a later date I will put this in some kind of geographical order (suggestions on a post card please).


Happy Walking.

1.  A303 opposite Stonehenge:  Map

     As you drive past stonehenge, going towards Devon, there are 2 or 3 paths between the fields. You have to be quick to pull off the road, but the walks are really good, and you can get the car off the main road. Its great in the summer, when the traffic jam hits.

2. Holidays submitted by John & Lesley Turtill

     Laverock Holiday Cottages near Barnard Castle, Co. Durham (Tow Law Trial)
Fantastic views, loads of walks plus a purpose built 120ft. Agility Centre. Sheepdog or Agility classes can also be booked.
Up to 4 dogs are included free, with a nominal charge for further dogs.

Also suggested Low Nest Farm, Castlerigg, just outside Keswick. Apparently VERY dog friendly and comfortable.

3. Driving with Dogs. Dogwalks near Motorways, and the start of a major collection of worldwide dog walking places.

Great walks for dogs within 5 miles of motorway exits

Great walks for dogs within 5 miles of motorway exits