Working Trials

General Information

Training your dog for Working Trials is great fun and eventually becomes a way of life for both you and your dog. As well as teaching the regular Obedience exercises of Heelwork, Recall, Dumbell Retrieve and Sendaways, we teach our dogs to track up to 3 hour old tracks, which are ½ mile long and to search for articles, also to jump a 3ft Clear Jump, a 9ft Long Jump and a 6ft Scale. See videos below.

Before you can teach your dog the more advanced working trials’ exercises, your dog must have the following:

  • a very good Play Retrieve
  • a very good Recall
  • an Instant Down (or Stop) on the run

We hold regular training sessions on Saturdays and on some Wednesday mornings.

We organise Tracking Training days and Tracklayers Courses for beginners and advanced handlers as well as Club Progress Tests to help you prepare for Competitions.

We organise an Open Trial every year in April at Hinton in the Hedges.

Here are a couple of videos of our members Tracking and Jumping with their dogs.