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Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests July 2019

We had another successful test day today, with 3 out of 4 participants qualifying in each class, and all the Bronze class participants also passed their Silver test.  Many congratulations to all the successful candidates and those who were not quite ready today, dont give up as you will no doubt pass the test next time. It was only the stays that took their toll today and they can easily be retrained.

Big thank you to our very kind examiners: Bronze & Gold, Gill Culliford and the Silver Test was done by Liz Noble.  Also a big thank you to our organisers: Terry Wise for doing all the paperwork before and after, Steph and Ann, with help from Cindy & Rae, for organising the day and putting everybody at their ease as well as looking after the catering.

Bronze Successes (from left to right): Assistant Instructor Ann Ferens, Kate & Lucy, Kathy & Luna, Examiner Gill, Terry & Ruby, Instructor Steph Gordon

Silver: same as the Bronze test with Examiner Liz Noble (centre)

Gold Successes (from left to right):   Examiner Gill, Sheila & Forti (sadly broke his stay), Marie & Alfie, Cindy, Peter & Rosie, Philip & Mercy

Many thanks again, not forgetting the instructors and assistants for helping their classes reach the required standard for these tests.

Enjoy the Summer break and see you all in September.



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