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Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests Feb 2018 - Results & Photos

We had another very successful KC Good Citizen test day yesterday thanks to some very kind judges who set very fair and interesting tests, giving all dogs a chance to gain their certificates.

Gaining their Bronze certificates, pictured above with Judge Jane Webb in the centre, were:

Sandra & Zephyr, Marie & Alfie, Peter & Rosie, Sheila & Forti, Cindy & Hetty, Vicky & Bess, Vicki & Jet, Terry & Tori with  instructors Steph Gordon and Ann Ferens


Silver Test qualifiers, pictured above with Judge Liz Noble in the centre, are:

Vicki & Jet, Terry & Tori, Amy & Doug and Selina & Teddy, with instructors Karen Sheppard and Cindy Scott.

Gold Certificates were awarded to Liz & Harry (far left) and Marcella & Tia (far right) pictured with Judge Jane Webb and instructor Cindy Scott

Many congratulations to all of the above and keep up the good work training your dogs. Remember that dog training is not just about gaining certificates, its about creating a well behaved and social companion dog, that you can take everywhere with you. This will require daily reminders and training sessions, so make these part of your walks.

Big thank you to the judges, Jane Webb (Bronze & Gold), Liz Noble (Silver) and to Terry for organising and setting up the tests. Also huge thank you to  Steph, Ann, Kaz and Cindy for putting in the hard work and giving up your time every week  to help with the training sessions, and of course for your support on the day, helping make this day so successful.

Last but not least, big thank you to Michelle for taking the lovely pictures.



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Well done everyone!

February 27, 2018 | Registered CommenterJoanne Pickles

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