Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests July 2019

We had another successful test day today, with 3 out of 4 participants qualifying in each class, and all the Bronze class participants also passed their Silver test.  Many congratulations to all the successful candidates and those who were not quite ready today, dont give up as you will no doubt pass the test next time. It was only the stays that took their toll today and they can easily be retrained.

Big thank you to our very kind examiners: Bronze & Gold, Gill Culliford and the Silver Test was done by Liz Noble.  Also a big thank you to our organisers: Terry Wise for doing all the paperwork before and after, Steph and Ann, with help from Cindy & Rae, for organising the day and putting everybody at their ease as well as looking after the catering.

Bronze Successes (from left to right): Assistant Instructor Ann Ferens, Kate & Lucy, Kathy & Luna, Examiner Gill, Terry & Ruby, Instructor Steph Gordon

Silver: same as the Bronze test with Examiner Liz Noble (centre)

Gold Successes (from left to right):   Examiner Gill, Sheila & Forti (sadly broke his stay), Marie & Alfie, Cindy, Peter & Rosie, Philip & Mercy

Many thanks again, not forgetting the instructors and assistants for helping their classes reach the required standard for these tests.

Enjoy the Summer break and see you all in September.




Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests July 2018

We had a good entry for the tests on Saturday especially with the hot weather we had and still are having.  I would like to thank you all for entering. Your dogs worked really well and those that didn’t quite make it will next time I am sure. Congratulations to the ones that gained their certificates.

Gill Culliford judged the Bronze and Gold and Patty Gorianoff the Silver. Thank you both for giving up your Saturday and helping the handlers to relax.

I would also like to thank Ann, Michelle and Cindy for your help. Also Terry for  organising  the Judges and the paperwork that goes with it but more importantly the home made cakes, you covered all angles.


Bronze Test qualifiers, pictured above with Judge Gill Culliford in the centre, were: Cenwynn & Bear, Jan & Stetson,  Angela & Duke,  and Kate & Finn. Also pictured instructors Ann Ferens and Steph Gordon.

Gaining their Silver certificates , pictured above with Judge Patty Gorianoff in the centre are:

Lucy & Fig (NP), Sheila & Forti (NP), Cindy & Hetty, Sandra & Zeffy, Philip & Mercy, Marie & Alfie, Kate & Finn,  and far right Michelle, assistant instructor.

Gold Certificates were awarded to Sandra & Zeffy and Terry & Tori, pictured above with Judge Gill Culliford and instructor Cindy Scott.



Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests Feb 2018 - Results & Photos

We had another very successful KC Good Citizen test day yesterday thanks to some very kind judges who set very fair and interesting tests, giving all dogs a chance to gain their certificates.

Gaining their Bronze certificates, pictured above with Judge Jane Webb in the centre, were:

Sandra & Zephyr, Marie & Alfie, Peter & Rosie, Sheila & Forti, Cindy & Hetty, Vicky & Bess, Vicki & Jet, Terry & Tori with  instructors Steph Gordon and Ann Ferens


Silver Test qualifiers, pictured above with Judge Liz Noble in the centre, are:

Vicki & Jet, Terry & Tori, Amy & Doug and Selina & Teddy, with instructors Karen Sheppard and Cindy Scott.

Gold Certificates were awarded to Liz & Harry (far left) and Marcella & Tia (far right) pictured with Judge Jane Webb and instructor Cindy Scott

Many congratulations to all of the above and keep up the good work training your dogs. Remember that dog training is not just about gaining certificates, its about creating a well behaved and social companion dog, that you can take everywhere with you. This will require daily reminders and training sessions, so make these part of your walks.

Big thank you to the judges, Jane Webb (Bronze & Gold), Liz Noble (Silver) and to Terry for organising and setting up the tests. Also huge thank you to  Steph, Ann, Kaz and Cindy for putting in the hard work and giving up your time every week  to help with the training sessions, and of course for your support on the day, helping make this day so successful.

Last but not least, big thank you to Michelle for taking the lovely pictures.




Kennel Club Good Citizens Test Results February 2017

Bronze Successes: (from left to right) Examiner Gill with Annie and Blue, Vicki and Jett, Marcella and Tia, Sharen and Verna with Steph (trainer).

Silver Successes: (from left to right) Richard & Ernie with examiner Jane, Karen (trainer) Anita & Mimi, Nicky & Poppy, Marcella & Tia, Shami and Buster

Gold Successes: (from left to right) Karen (trainer) with Anne & Charley, Heidi & Missy. Anita & Mimi, Cindy (trainer), Gill (examiner), Karen (trainer) Julia & Jade, Nicky & Poppy


Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests Results - July 2016

Bronze Successes: (from left to right) Steph (trainer), Andrea and Bailey, examiner Patty, Selina and Teddy, Richard and Ernie, Peta and Foggy, Hazell and Gem, Daniel and Storm and Ann (trainer).

Silver Test Successes: From left to right: Examiner Gill, Andrea and Bailey, Chris and Tilly, Peta and Foggy, Patty and Joey, Hazell and Gem

Gold Test Success:  Lynda and Teddy

Well done to everyone who took part in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests last Saturday. All those hours of training certainly paid off . Thank you to our examiners Patty Goriainoff (Bronze) and Gill Cullingworth (Silver and Gold), who were very friendly and encouraging and soon got everyone through the exercises. A very few teams got unstuck on the stays. Always a tricky exercise, especially when sensitive dogs feel their owner's nerves, and don't want to stay put! But you were so close, and I am sure next time you will succeed.  Well done to those teams who passed their Bronze and decided to have a go at the Silver award. Andrea, I hope you've recovered from your shock of getting both Bronze and Silver on the same day! Great work too from Hazell and Gem, and Peta and Foggy also gaining Bronze and Silver. Thanks to the team of trainers and helpers (Steph, Ann, Cindy and Terry) who gave up their Saturday to enable the tests to take place! On their behalf, I know we all enjoyed seeing you work your dogs and the smiles afterwards when you clutched your certificates and rosettes. 

Karen Kendall (KC GCDS Organiser)